Top forex broker van [currentyear] webpage

We at Tusidef are not only handling online casino assignments, but also from other industries. Our most recent project was our first attempt in the cryptocurrency business, which was very successful. One of our project managers had a quick talk with a Forex broker on an opening event a few weeks ago. The project manager told him that they were still looking for an experienced web and app developer to help them out by setting up a website and application. Tusidef is working in this field for years and that is exactly what the project manager told the Forex broker as well. However, this would be the first crypto-related project for Tusidef. Even though the broker was informed about this, they still decided to work with us after all.

After our first meeitng, it all became clear that this company was looking for someone to develop their top forex broker van 2020 webpage. They wanted to create this extra webpage in order to inform their readers about the best Forex brokers within this market. The company has a clear vision to stay reliable and trustworthy and that is exactly how they would like position themselves. By informing their clients about other traders and brokers, they make sure that clients are willing to trust them when it comes to projects. It was our job to send out their reliability in to a new web design, based on the latest technology and innovation. This was the first time for us to work on a crypto website, which was very exciting for our developers.

The concept of the Top forex broker van 2020 webpage was based on the previous concept of their entire website. The company’s website contains blue and black colours, in combination with white blank spaces. It was our job to create a template which was innovating, but was also fitting the current corporate identity. We have decided to develop a design which is very recognizable and easy to use for online visitors. The project took us a few weeks before delivery and it was a very challenging assignment for our entire team.

This project was a real eye opener for us, since we were always focused on the online casino industry. The real difference between the two industries is that crypto is way more complicated, also when you take a look at the development process. The virtual coin stands for technology and our future, so it is very important to create a design which is based on that fact. We at Tusidef really enjoyed working on a highly modern webpage, because the limits are endless and the way that technology works really fascinating us. We have decided to focus more on new innovations and various clients. We are still offering our services to the online gambling industry, but after this assignment we became a little more open minded! If you are running a trading or broker company, please get in touch with Tusidef to discuss all of the possibilities and services that we can provide.